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Rapid Change, Re-programming, Permanent Results. 

Hypnosis is a very natural state of deep relaxation which helps you tap into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is where your programming is stored so it can help you resolve a number of issues quickly and permanently.

Hypnotherapy is NOT what you have seen on T.V and everyone experiences hypnosis everyday without fail. Let me show you how easily you can tap into your potential to resolve issues, release stress, change behaviors and so much more.

Hypnotherapy & NLP in Newquay, Cornwall 

Why Choose Donna Carole At Newquay Therapy Centre?


  • Over 10 years experience in Hypnotherapy and NLP

  • Holds an HNC - The only ofstead and university recognised hypnotherapy qualification in the UK.

  • Is fully accredited and insured.

  • Has worked all over the UK and gained experience treating a wide range of issues.

  • Has hundreds of client success testimonials.

  • Is a fully accredited trainer of hypnotherapy and NLP 

  • Aims to resolve 80% of issues in under four sessions.

  • Affordable therapy with special discounted rates to individuals on benefits.

  • Works within the private comfortable setting of Newquay therapy Centre.


2 Hour Session

Quit smoking in 2 hours with Hypnotherapy and NLP. No cravings, No weight gain, the easiest way to quit cold turkey.



Emotional Health

4 Session Programme

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Self harming, Grief, Fear, Guilt, Shame are just a few examples of emotional problems. RSR resolves these quickly.



Weight Loss

4 Session Programe

Re-programme your subconscious mind to make weight loss easier, from quitting sugar to virtual gastric band.



Bad Habits/OCD

1 to 4 Sessions

Nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking are all examples of compulsive bad habits that can get out of hand. Hypnotherapy can help with these problems fast!




1 to 4 Sessions

Remove your phobia in as little as one hour.

80% of phobias are extremely easy to resolve. 




4 Session Programme

Get a good nights sleep with the power of hypnosis. 



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Donna Carole Smith

Owner of Newquay Therapy Centre

Hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner and trainer

donnanewquay@gmail.com  |  Tel: 07904647347

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