Hypnotherapy & NLP  for Weight Loss 

Eat Healthier, Quit Sugar, Eat Less, Move More; are some of the things you can achieve with Hypnotherapy and NLP Newquay

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly accepted, and people all over the world are finding it a beneficial means of maintaining a healthy weight in the long-term. Now it must be noted that hypnotherapy is not a magic wand and it does require at least a desire to change your old eating habits and adopt new healthier habits and a small amount of effort over a few short weeks. But what makes this programme so appealing is that with a little bit of effort the changes that are made over a short period are installed into the subconscious part of the mind which means that they begin to feel natural and you will no longer need willpower to lose and maintain a healthy weight.


Adopt the habits of a naturally slim person - NO MORE DIETS!


Individuals who are naturally slim and do not diet, eat in a certain way and what this programme is intended to do is to help you find your natural eating rhythm so your body can adjust and you begin to eat in a normal way that will help you naturally loss weight and maintain a healthy weight that is right for you.


Beliefs that will help you find your natural eating balance


Eating to be naturally slim

What is the secret to being naturally thin and never having to worry about diets?  Individuals that manage their weight naturally hold a number of beliefs that makes this easy and below are some of these beliefs. When you sign up for this programme we will help to install a new set of beliefs to help YOU find your natural eating rhythms.

Some examples:

I eat when I’m hungry: Learn your personal levels of hunger. You will be provided with a “hunger scale” with 1 being physically faint from hunger and 10 being nauseous from eating too much. You will learn to eat when your hunger level is at 3 or 4 (fairly or slightly hungry) and stop when you reach a level of 6 or 7 (pleasantly satisfied or full).

I eat what my body needs and what will make me feel good: there are no forbidden foods using his weight loss method and you can eat whatever makes you happy, the only exception is to begin asking yourself what does my body need and always eat that first.

You are encouraged to throw away any foods that do not inspire you to eat, like the low fat, low carb, no taste snacks. Food can be enjoyed (unless you really like to eat cardboard).

I eat slowly and consciously and enjoy every mouthful: Slow down and enjoy your food. When you eat slowly, your stomach has enough time to send a signal to the brain and the rest of your body that you are “full” and to stop eating. People who are overweight tend to eat fast, not allowing their stomachs time to send this “full” signal. As result, they will continue to eat until they are overfull or even stuffed. Slow eating also allows you to appreciate all of the flavors and textures of the food, helping you decide what foods you really enjoy and which you can pass up.

Slow your eating down to a quarter of what you are used to and chew each mouthful completely, setting down your utensil between bites.

When I think I am full I stop eating: As soon as you’ve had your fill of food, every bite thereafter will be less enjoyable then the one before. Continuing to eat after this point will create an uncomfortable feeling in your solar plexus (nerves in the abdomen). At this point, you should stop eating no matter how much food is still left on your plate.

If you have a problem leaving food on your plate try to serve smaller portions with the option of having some more if your still hungry.


Food is fuel

sugar is poison

I love fruit and vegetables

I love myself

losing weight is easy

Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques will be used to install these rules as new beliefs so following them will feel natural.


The Hunger Scale


You will also use the hunger scale to help you keep your metabolism at top speed. The idea is to always stay within the green section. HYPNOSIS WILL ALSO BE USED TO HELP YOU STICK TO THIS METHOD.

Using the hunger scale for only a few short weeks helps your body find its natural rhythm and trains you to eat when you are hungry and recognise when you are full.

Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band is also Available - CLICK HERE


If you are someone who really struggles with portion control or simply can’t recognise when you are full then you may benefit from our virtual gastric band hypnosis.. This programme convinces the subconscious mind that you have undergone a procedure were a band has been fitted around your stomach leaving little room for food. Individuals often comment that after this session they feel full much quicker and this of course makes it much easier not to over eat.


You will also be given a mp3 recording of this session to listen to at home over short period of time so the suggestions are compounded and really take root at that deep subconscious level.

What is hypnosis

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and is associated with a natural brain wave state that you experience every day. So every morning when you wake up and every evening when you go to sleep you pass through what we know as hypnosis. During this brainwave state our conscious mind becomes less active so that we can communicate with the deeper parts of the mind (the subconscious). It is within the subconscious part of the mind where all our emotional responses, beliefs and programming is stored so by gaining access to this part of the mind helps facilitate change at a level were it can become a natural part of your programming. Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience and it is important to note that individuals that experience hypnosis are fully in control at all times.

What is NLP

NLP is used for personal development and for success in business. NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. We will use simple techniques to help you change the way you think, feel and behave.

What’s included in this programme - please see our virual gastric band hypnosis info HERE

4 x one hour NLP and hypnotherapy sessions to help install the new ideas and help you find your natural eating rhyme. 

10 minute - NLP mp3 technique recording to help install new beliefs at a deep subconscious level.

Full Hypnotherapy mp3 recording to reinforce the changes during the private sessions.

Donna Carole Smith, HPD, PNLP, Master trainer practitioner and trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP, has over 10 years experience and thousands of hours in private practice helping clients achieve healthy weight loss.


Free consultation available at Newquay Therapy Centre.


There is no need to go on struggling and allowing your weight gain to destroy every aspect of your life.

Take back your power and learn that you can control your mind.

We offer you a completly FREE consultation at Newquay Therapy Centre or via the telephone.

We promise that our service is highly confidential



Video: What is Hypnosis

 We offer private one to one sessions and also weight loss classes and courses.

Private sessions: 4 x sessions @ £60 per session or £200 upfront payment for all 4.

Workshops 4 x hours @ £60

Pay for your workshop or session here. Please contact us first to check dates and availability.

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I have nothing but praise for Donna and what she has done for me is absolutely amazing. After years of suffering depression and anxiety as well as high blood pressure, some sessions with her have made me feel like a totally different person.

-Dinah, Newquay

I can't believe how quickly I felt better. I knew after the first session this technique was going to work for me. Thank you for giving me my life back.

I had been suffering with depression for over 20 years. I had counselling and was on anti-depressants and had come to believe that nothing could help me. It's been 2 months since I had treatment and none of my symtoms have returned. I can't thank you enough.

-Sue, Truro

I feel like the old me again. I really didn't expect to feel so different so fast. If you have depression you need to try this.

- Andy, Cornwall

- LW, Bodmin