Kate Lloyd, founder of Bright Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, Harmonizing Alignment Process Consultant, Accredited DISC practitioner, Member of the Association for Coaching

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Website: www.bright-coaching.co.uk

email: kate@bright-coaching.co.uk

Phone: 01637 875 263

Hi, I'm Kate. I’m a qualified and experienced coach with a background in corporate, wellbeing and personal performance life coaching. I’ve worked across many roles and sectors over the past 15 years, but one theme unites every working moment: people. From holistic coaching, to running business workshops; empowering entrepreneurs, to helping people secure their seachange  - I have a passion for working with people in a fresh, fun and focused way.


I launched Bright Coaching to help people reach their full potential and truly shine. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to work with inspiring people from all walks of life, and have supported their journeys towards greater fulfilment, wellbeing and brighter futures.


My clients say:


Changed my whole thought process. Absolutely loved every minute with Kate. The sessions were inspiring. I needed some positive motivation and Kate gave that to me. She has set me on the right path for a positive future. (Nancy, Brighton)


The best thing about the process is it moves you forwards, and is totally empowering. Plus it’s not only during the session the coaching has helped me; I’ve learnt to think about things in a new way, which is a great skill to take away from the sessions. Kate being easy to talk to, yet professional, made the sessions something I really looked forward to. (Hayley, London)


It has brought me into the moment of this precious life. Reminded me that it's definitely OK to put myself first so that I can be the best version of myself, for myself and for others. It's a subtle, gentle approach to potentially unlocking huge change for the better. Kate has a brilliant sense of humour, is clearly a very experienced coach and I felt very safe in the space. (Fiona, Bristol)


The sessions with Kate had an extremely positive impact in my life and crucial to move forward with branding my new project. Within only 3 session with Kate, I was able to have a clear vision of how I want to move forward and what was my next steps. Kate’s invaluable experience and coaching technique help me to get rid of limiting beliefs that were stopping me to move forward and to consider new possibilities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for her time, patience and support turning my ideas into reality. I highly recommend Kate to anyone looking into setting up a new business or rebranding, as I believe Kate is a FANTASTIC inspirational coach. (Ines, London)

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you to shine:


Website: www.bright-coaching.co.uk

email: kate@bright-coaching.co.uk

Phone: 01637 875 263

Coaching packages I offer:


The Life Spring Clean


Perfect for putting a spring in your step and getting back on track.


This bumper-packed 2-hour session will help you to review and assess your current daily life from a new perspective. You’ll gain clarity on which areas most need your time and attention. You’ll leave with a set of actions and some powerful tools that will help you boost the parts of your life that need it most.


About this coaching package:


Duration: 2 hours

Location: Face to face, or via phone or Skype

Tools: Analysis of what takes up your time, priority wheel, action plan

Price: £80




Life Coaching: Find Your Path

Perfect for exploring your options before setting and reaching your goals.

Feel like you've lost your path, or have so many choices you don't know which path to take? Coaching is an empowering process that will reconnect you with your desires and drive.

In this programme we'll explore how your personal and professional life is right now, and how you'd like it to be. You’ll gain awareness about what’s most important to you - which sometimes holds a few surprises. You’ll address and tackle the blockers that stand in your way. We'll then map a new path to get you to the destination you most want.

If you're ready to take action to move forward from where you are now to where you really want to be, Life Coaching: Find Your Path could be a great option for you.

I will tailor our sessions to best meet your needs; they can cover almost any personal or professional goal, including:

  • Career: climbing the ladder or changing things entirely

  • Personal skills: people management, leadership and confidence

  • Personal development: identifying what’s most important to you and working towards it

  • Work / life balance: finding focus and reducing stress

  • Relationships: communicating effectively and problem solving

  • Health and wellbeing: from marathon running, to meditation, to motivation

  • Finance: getting organised and building good habits.

About this coaching package:

Duration: 6 hours (4 x 90-minute coaching sessions)

Location: Face to face, or via phone or Skype

Tools: Tailored to your needs, but will include a life evaluation, priority wheel, and analysis of what takes up your time - plus many more powerful tools.

Price: £300 (please contact me for payment plan options)



Rise & Shine Coaching

A unique 10-session women’s holistic programme for mind, body and soul.

Imagine waking each day and feeling totally at ease in your mind, body and spirit. That’s the power of this harmonizing process.

This gentle yet powerful 10-session programme is delivered one-to-one and face-to-face in the relaxing environment of the Newquay Therapy Centre.

Together, we'll work across a whole season to reconnect you with your authentic self, your life purpose, your natural rhythms and your sense of happiness. We use a variety of holistic tools to examine where your life is at, and where you want it to be. You’ll make small changes that have big results, naturally weaving a new level of awareness and wellbeing into every area of your life.


Week 1 - current life evaluation

Week 2 - reconnect with your soul essence and true nature

Week 3 - explore how you see your inner self

Week 4 - connecting and appreciating the different parts of yourself

Week 5 - review your boundaries and learn to protect your energy

Week 6 - tap into your unique strengths

Week 7 - balance your feminine and masculine energy

Week 8 - the art of non-negotiable mind, body and soul nourishment

Week 9 - how to lead a heart-led life for maximum fulfilment

Week 10 - release the fear and embrace your balanced life


Bonus session - a time to check-in, boost and realign a few weeks after the programme.

My Rise & Shine sessions are based on a programme that changed my own life: The Harmonizing Alignment Process by internationally renowned coach and Hay House author, Dawn Breslin.

About this coaching package:

Duration: 12 hours (2 x 90-minute sessions at the start and end of the programme, 8 x weekly or fortnightly 60-minute coaching sessions)

PLUS: Book now to receive 1 x free 60-minute bonus booster session

Location: Face-to-face at the Newquay Therapy Centre

Tools: A unique wellbeing workbook, audio affirmations and mood tracking tools, an empowerment journal, quarterly Harmonizing Life online magazine, life visualisation boards

Price: £400 (please contact me for payment plan options)


Coaching for Business

Every business needs purpose to succeed. With this programme I'll help you to define and achieve that purpose.

As an experienced corporate coach and trainer, I'll empower you to find more direction and confidence in your career, whether you're a leader, manager, part of a team or self employed.

You'll find out about how you're wired for the workplace by completing a full DISC profile. In my opinion, this powerful tool is a must-have for finding a sense of personal flow and fulfilment - and for connecting effectively with colleagues and clients.

You'll receive a number of powerful tools to help you define your professional vision, then maintain your motivation and momentum as you move towards your goals.

About this coaching package:


Duration: 9 hours (6 x 90-minute coaching sessions)

Location: Face-to-face at the Newquay Therapy Centre, or your workplace

Tools: Tailored to your needs, but will include a full DISC profile to better understand how you’re wired for the workplace, a professional life evaluation, a career or business goal planning wheel - plus many more powerful tools.

Price: £500 (please contact me for payment plan options)

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