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Self Reintegration Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



Self-Reintegration Therapy

Specialising in resolving Anxiety and Insecurity


Self-Reintegration Therapy

Specialising in resolving Anxiety and Insecurity

About SRT

SRT is a solution focused therapy that works to resolve negative emotions, core beliefs and behavioural patterns at the root cause level.

SRT is a safe, highly effective treatment that works with any mental health issue, and is particularly good for working with Anxiety and Insecurity. It works primarily with the unconscious negative emotions stored in memory, and does not require the client to explain what happened to them in great detail, making it easy to work with even the highest level of emotional trauma.

SRT can make a significant difference to levels of Anxiety and Insecurity in as few as four hours, making it a very rapid solution to these common mental health issues.

About Phil

Phil studied Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy and has taken an interest in a wide range of Energy Psychologies and Neuro sciences. This training, learning and personal development spanned a period of ten years when Phil was aged between thirty and forty. Prior to that he had been through many challenging life experiences, especially in childhood. From an early age, Phil knew he had a calling and when he discovered therapy and coaching it became clear. After a long period of transformation, training and healing, Phil created the theory and techniques that form Self Reintegration Therapy.

Session Structure and fee’s

Single session – 1 hour (minimum 4 recommended) £60.00

Double session – 2 hours (minimum of 2 recommended) £120.00

Four hour intensive £240.00

Full day -  8 hours of education, self-awareness, transformation and creation £480.00

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