Sarah Louisa

Addiction Specialist, Transformational Coach and Energy Healing

Hello,my name is Sarah Louisa, 
And if you have found yourself reading this page,you are most likely,like the rest of us,trying to make sense of these crazy times and emotions  that we find ourselves faced with.


Our lives seem to have been put on hold.And like never before we find ourselves with no distractions. We are forced to reassess our lives,our values, our past,and it can be extremely daunting and overwhelming.

As a therapist I work with you to investigate your past,pinpointing your limiting beliefs and your negative programming, releasing all of that trauma and stored negative emotion.Allowing you to live fully in the present and be a co creator of your future.

My own journey began 20 years ago,in India,when I took my first reiki course,and in the years that followed I have become a practitioner of Hypnotherapy,N.L.P,Matrix reimprinting and E.F.T.

I use a fusion of these techniques,mixing cutting edge technology of the “Healy” bio frequency machine ( which uses microcurrents to heal you on a cellular level both mentally and physically) with the sacred practices of chakra healing,breathwork,cold water therapy,meditation and much,much more.
So that I can come up with a programme that is unique and is tailored made for your transformation.

I specialise in addictions,and with over 20 years experience of battling and conquering my own demons of alcohol and other addictions,I feel very confident in fast tracking you through your very own transformation.



Private one to one sessions in hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.

Dealing with any emotional/mental blockages and helping you achieve your goals.

£60 per session (reduction for block bookings).




Remove your spiritual blockages by removing your dependency of alcohol.

A combination of group therapy and private therapy using the worlds most cutting edge rapid transform and re-programming techniques.

Therapy Session