Silent Disco

Guided Meditation Classes For Children and Young People

Mind Magic is a new and unique way to give children and young people important life skills through meditation and because these classes use silent disco headphone technology; learning meditation is fun and engaging. 
Children Aged 8 - 11 years
Children as young as eight can engage in these classes because classes are tailored for the age of the child. Children are guided through a story form meditation that engages imagination and teaches children how to navigate their minds and emotions in a way that feels truly magical. 
Young People Aged 11 - 17 years
Young people will learn techniques to help manage stress, build confidence and develop emotional intelligence for a healthy happy future. Entering adulthood is a scary time with so many changes happening and we aim to help make that transition exciting and filled with confidence.
We are the only company in the UK to offer this unique learning experience.
The aim of these unique classes is to help children learn how to be more in control of their emotions and manage stress as well as many more benefits including:​
  • Improved focus

  • Self awareness

  • Better understanding of emotions

  • A sense of calm

  • Better Coping mechanisms

  • More positive thinking – promoting kindness and gratitude

The positive benefits that meditation can bring to children can improve every aspect of a child's emotional and mental health and the skills and understanding gained will last a life time. 

Mind Magic Meditation Classes last between 40 mins and 1 hour depending on the age group of the children or young persons. individuals will be provided with a silent disco type headset and asked to sit cross legged facing the instructor.
Each class begins with a short description of meditation in fun and interactive way that engages interest. 
The meditation begins with some deep breathing and children can then choose to stay sat upright or lay down and follow the guided meditation that is presented in a story for younger children. The meditation will incorporate proven therapeutic techniques to help individuals let go of stress and induce more positive feelings of happiness, joy and confidence.
Classes finish by asking individuals to stand, stretch and then shake away any remaining tension so they leave the class relaxed, happy and energised.
We can also create these classes to focus on specific areas such as confidence, working hard in class, good behavior, exam nerves etc...


Information For Schools
We are now taking booking to visit your school and offer these wonderful silent disco meditation classes to students aged between five and seventeen year olds.
We usually hold these classes on an evenings but if you would prefer us to visit you during school hours then this can be arranged CONTACT US HERE.
Each class holds as many individuals as the space can accommodate and encourage parents/carers to take part. We can run up to three classes on any one evening in three hourly slots. 
Children under 7 years old or children who require special attention are offered as parent and child classes so that parents can assist in meeting their children's needs. 

Classes are booked via our website.


Classes cost:

£6 per person


*Our instructors are fully qualified in advanced guided relaxation techniques, vetted and up to date with all mandatory training required to work with young people. We are also fully insured.


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