Spiritual Awakening Classes

Gwills Yoga, Newquay

Tuesdays 6pm

Spiritual awakening weekly classes,

Exploring different aspects of your spiritual awakening and expanded levels of consciousness.

These classes will be held ceremonial style to create a sacred space.

You will connect with other like-minded individuals.

Strengthen your connection with your higher self.

Strengthen your connection to source.

Develop your natural psychic abilities and gifts.

And receive deep healing from a number of gifted natural healers.

As a human race we are experiencing a global awakening.

Individuals all over the world are experiencing an expansion of consiousness; awakening to the true nature of who they are 🌍

There are many levels to this awakening and it is a process that will last many years.....

We hope to run these classes weekly: but need to know if there is enough interest.

So if you are interested please let us know (even if you cant make this one).

These classes aim to give you something completely different helping you to expand your consciousness.

Weekly classes.

Gwills Yoga
6pm - 7pm
Tues 3rd September 2019

As we grow we will create other new classes.

Only 15 spaces.

Cost £10

Monthly Pass £35


Text Donna to book your place: 07904647347

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