The Shift

Are you ready to experience a major shift?

3 hour transformation coaching session and optional 7 day challenge.

Transform any area of your life to achieve more joy, abundance and health.

Experience a positive shift like never before.

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The Shift - 3 hour transformation session and 7 day challenge.


1.First things first - The shift begins with you choosing an area of your life that you feel stuck or you would like to make make some really positive changes.


Some examples;


Self Love; You feel that you could be doing better for yourself. You beat yourself up alot and have lost the confidence you need to make positive changes. Your not good enough, too old, too fat, too thin, not attractive enough - your mind if full of negative thoughts about you. You need to change but every time you try to make a positive change you self sabotage.


Intimate Relationships; You feel that your relationship has become a bit routine. Your energy is low and you find that you and your significant other are rowing and nit picking at each other. You worry that you are not as intimate as you would like or even that he no longer finds you attractive. You want to make a change but feel stuck!


Career/Life Purpose; You hate your job, your tired of doing something everyday that brings no joy or meaning. You thought you would have figured out what you were suppose to be doing with your life but you aren’t brave enough to make changes/you don't know what you want to do/you can't afford to change your career now. Or perhaps you just need a confidence boost to move up the career ladder.


These are just a few examples of areas of change but ANY area or situation can be worked on.


Other areas: Emotional/mental/physical/spiritual health, finances, love, confidence, socal life, travel, fitness etc….


2. Intensive 3 hour therapeutic coaching session - very powerful change session to create a shift in your thinking, feelings/emotions and physical energy. This is achieved by removing subconscious blocks, emotional triggers, resistance, fear, negative core beliefs and self limiting beliefs. Working within the area of your choice we will identify and remove the mental and emotional barriers and replace them with a positive outlook and energy to match.


This shift is designed to catapult you into change and give you the energy and confidence to move onto the optional 7 day challenge.


3. 7 Day Challenge (optional): Each morning you will be asked a question that you will think about during your day. You will be asked how you feel or think about certain things in relation to your chosen area. The questions are designed to integrate the changes you wish you make and change your point of focus.


At the end of each day you will be asked to record a 90 second video of yourself in response to your daily question. You will watch your video back and reflect on how you feel watching yourself speak. You will also receive daily positive feedback from your therapist. - This challenge can be adapted to meet your needs and instructions will be fully explained to you when you begin the course.


A range of cutting edge techniques are used to create a very powerful shift. These techniques include, guided visualisation, NLP coaching, guided meditation, EFT and re imprinting.


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