Rapid Treatment of Depression, Anxiety and other Emotional Issues

Cutting Edge Treatment That Quickly Removes Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Other Negative Emotional Issues.

Rapid Stress Release (RSR ©) is a non invasive cutting edge treatment that dissolves any feelings of emotional overwhelm, trauma or stress.

The techniques used in this process change the way you store the information connected to your emotional response and negative thoughts. The changes take place at a subconscious level and were possible at the root cause so you have much less chance of relapse. 

RSR © works quickly and the course of treatment is only 4 x hourly sessions. 


We understand that it's difficult seeking help when faced with these types of issues and we guarantee you 100% complete confidentiality. Please get in touch so we can tell you more about this fantastic treatment.




Eating Disorders


Self Harming

Chronic Stress




Guilt, Shame, Anger, Sadness, Fear etc...


What is RSR© (Rapid Stress Release)? 


RSR© is a powerful combination of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), advanced relaxation and guided visualization. When applied it works on both the negative emotion or physical response and negative thought patterns. The cutting edge techniques change the way information is stored at a deep sub-conscious level, therefor removing the emotional or physical triggered response. Any negative belief's are also identified and dissolved and replaced with ideas and belief's that support your full recovery. All the changes that take place re-programme the mind at a deep sub-conscious level resolving issues quickly and permanently. 

" We are lead to believe that depression and anxiety is difficult to overcome because many individuals first seek help through their GP and the NHS. Unfortunately the treatment methods offered through the NHS are often ineffective and can make problems worse. For example, prescribed medication (i.e anti-depressants) does not resolve the cause of emotional issues, instead it numbs the symptoms. Many individuals experience a relapse of their mental/emotional issue when they stop medication.


Another available option through the NHS is talking therapy. This can be useful for some individuals but for anyone who has experienced a trauma or other emotional overwhelm, talking can make things worse. I meet many individuals that believe they are 'incurable' due to the ineffectiveness of the treatments widely offered via the NHS, so many give up trying to overcome these types of issues.

RSR© is designed to find the root cause of your stress/trauma/overwhelm and resolve it quickly and safely without having to talk in any great detail or re-live traumatic events." - Donna Carole, Creator of RSR©

Practitioner Training


would you like to help individuals overcome a wide range of emotional issues?


We are now offering full practitioner training to both beginners and practicing therapists. 



RSR© technique to reduce/remove stress.


"This technique is one of the many wonderful techniques you will be introduced to during your therapy. This particular technique is encouraged to help you deal with the build up of everyday stress. Everyone experiences periods of stress and it is important to find ways to reduce and remove this stress regularly. By doing so you can prevent burnout and create positive emotional health  " - Donna Carole, Creator of RSR©

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A Clients Depression Story......

I suffered from depression for around 20 years. I had a very unhappy childhood which became unbearable during my teenage years due to being bullied at school and at home.

I didn't know I had depression until my early 20's when I realised that I would go through cycles of a few months of feeling normal, followed by weeks or months of not wanting to get out of bed, feeling sad and tearful and no joy or love for life. These up's and down's continued for many years.

As the years passed the depression got worse, when I was low, symptoms lasted longer and I found it really difficult to cope with everyday life, I felt alone and ashamed and hid my depression from everyone.


In my late 20's after 10 years of suffering in silence I decided to tell my GP and felt hopeful I would receive the help and support I needed and overcome my depression. After months of therapy my symptoms continued and I gave up on treatment and wondered if I just had to accept I couldn't be fixed.  I suffered for another 10 years. 

There were times when I couldn't work because I simply didn't have any joy or motivation to even get out of bed. I would beat myself up and I would continuously tell myself that there was something wrong with me. I could feel myself slipping lower and lower into a dark hole and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out. I felt so sad all the time and completely lost.

At around 35 years old I went through a really difficult break up and my depression was worse than it had ever been. I couldn't get out of bed for months and I had no energy left to fight. I wanted to end my life, I had hit rock bottom. It was in the depths of my despair that something snapped inside of me and I decided I had to find a way to end this torture once and for all.

I didn't want to go back to my GP as I had tried that before and it simply hadn't worked for me so I began to research other methods of overcoming depression. 

I searched for treatment options on the internet I came across Rapid Stress Release and I called to set up a consultation. Donna explained my depression to me in a way no one else ever had, in a way that made sense, which gave me some hope, so I decided to give the treatment a try.

The treatment involved using visualisation techniques. I discovered very quickly the root cause of my depression and we worked on resolving the emotional triggers and negative thoughts. The therapy was much easier than I expected and I didn't have to discuss anything I didn't want to. To my surprise at the end of my first session I felt different somehow. I felt lighter and my mind clearer. I had another three sessions and I feel like a different person. I'm calm and happy and the dark cloud has gone. I have made improvements in all areas of my life now I'm not fighting depression and I now love and appreciate my life so much.


It's been two years since my treatment and I haven't had a relapse. I really can't thank Donna enough, she gave me my life back.

Janet Reeves - Plymouth.

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